Adding Two C2045’s To Their White Knight Fleet | New Buses

30 10 2011

White Knight Adds Two C2045’s to Fleet  

“We think of them as Limousines, with all the luxury, quality and service that implies,” says Ted Littell, President of Columbia, MO, based White Knight Coaches. “We look at every passenger in the same way we see our VIP limousine customers. White Knight’s drivers treat clients that way and our maintenance and our cleaning staff give coaches the same attention to detail that we use on our limousines.”

White Knight was started in 1992 by brothers Tim and Ted Littell while they were still in college. They began with a single limousine in Warrensburg, MO, and in 1995 they moved to Columbia, where they added a 47-seat coach to their growing fleet.

Located in the center of the state, Columbia offered the opportunity to serve the St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield markets, and over the years White Knight has established facilities in each of those hubs. The fleet has grown to 45 units, including 25 motorcoaches, as well as limousines, trolley buses, minicoaches, entertainer buses and ultra-luxury coaches, providing service to college athletic teams, travel groups, and entertainers.

“The two beautiful black Van Hool C2045’s we just added to White Knight fleet fit our corporate vision perfectly. Our clients love the unique contoured parcel rack with the REI 22” flat screen monitors. The satellite TV, wood grain flooring, WiFi, 110 volt outlets and curbside perimeter lighting reinforce the perception that these are large luxury limousines,” said Littell.

In addition, the 57-passenger coaches are equipped with Alcoa Durabrite aluminum wheels, chrome mirrors, backup cameras and 3 point seat belts. They are powered by Detroit Diesel’s new DD13 engine mated to Allison transmissions.

“Some unique business opportunities popped up, and we needed a supplier who could meet our special needs. ABC was able to step in and make things work for us. This is our first opportunity to work with them, and we’ve been delighted with the quality of service, both before and after the sale.”


ABC Companies is a leading provider to the transportation industry with diverse product and service offerings that cover a full spectrum of operational needs including new and pre-owned full size highway coach equipment, mid-size shuttle transport vehicles, and advanced design heavy duty transit equipment. A nationwide after sale service network supports customers with maintenance and repairs, collision services and a full parts inventory of OEM and quality aftermarket parts. Private and municipal financing and leasing options are also available through the company’s financial services group – one of the largest financial service providers within the industry. For more information, contact ABC Companies at 1-800-222-2875 or visit the company web site at



ABC’s Refurbishment Program | Buses

24 10 2011

ABC-Companies announces its Refurbishment Program:


Rebuilt S 60 Engine w/Accessories, Hoses, & Belts

Rebuilt Cummins ISM 450 w/Accessories, Hoses, & Belts

Rebuilt B500 w/New Driveline

Wheelchair Lift Installation

Two Color Paint

New Unitized Wheel Bearings (6)

New Front Independent Suspension Bushings

New Tag Axle Independent Bushings

New Air Bellows

Drive Axle Upper Stabilizers

Rebuilt A/C Compressor

New Radiator


New Tires / Customer Supplied

New Brake Chambers, Hoses

New Air Dryer

New Batteries

New Dual 140 Amp Alternators

New Shock Absorbors

Nine Inch Steel Wheels

Nine Inch Durabright Alcoa Wheels


And that’s just the beginning……Safety, Body and  Passenger amenities


Exclusive 45-Point Customer Fleet Option


Add years of useful life to your in-service fleet equipment. Our Customer Fleet Option gives you a budget-friendly alternative to update your fleets. Choose from 45 available component selections that will keep you rolling in style and operating at peak performance featuring:


25 and 50 Point Mechanical Inspections

Comprehensive Mechanical, Safety, Body, and Passenger Amenities Options

Performed by ABC Fleet Refurbishment Specialists

PLUS – Choose from ABC’s premier Van Hool C2045R refurb inventory – featuring an expansive list of exciting upgrades to specially selected Van Hool C2045 pre-owned models. View a video tour of ABC’s C2045R

New Buses | After Treatments – Exhaust Technology

19 10 2011

After treatment / regeneration of exhaust gases is reality, here is some data from our regeneration process guides 

Your vehicle has been equipped with an exhaust after treatment device. It consists of an oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a particulate filter (DPF).

Most of the soot particles containing carbon and ash are captured in the DPF. The accumulated carbon disappears if the particulate filter is heated to the self-cleaning temperature (approx. 570°F). Once this temperature is reached, the carbon reacts with the nitrogen dioxide and burns to become carbon ioxide.  This process is called regeneration.

If the regeneration happens while driving, it is called automatic regeneration.  However, if the self-cleaning temperature is not reached while driving (e.g. due to frequent stopping), you have to intervene to make the regeneration take place. To this end, go for a ride driving at high speed (highway) during at least 20 minutes or carry out a stationary regeneration.  A symbol appears on the multifunctional display if you have to intervene to make the regeneration take place.



During a regeneration, the exhaust temperature can amount to 1500°F.

The high exhaust temperature can cause material in the flow of the exhaust pipe to start burning. Stay clear of the exhaust, burns hazard!


To inhibit/interrupt regeneration:

If regeneration causes hazardous situations (e.g. at a stop), you can inhibit/interrupt the regeneration process. To this end, press the upper part of the

DPF regeneration switch.

Appropriate location for stationary regeneration

• Surface that will not start to burn or to melt under high temperatures (such

as clean concrete; no grass or asphalt!);

• Away from anything that can burn, melt or explode;

• Not near gas or vapors that can ignite, explode or contribute to a fire (such as LPG, diesel vapors, …).

Safety area around exhaust • If bystanders can access the area, set up barriers at least 5 ft away from the exhaust.

• If regeneration takes place in a confined space, connect an exhaust gas

evacuation system to the exhaust pipe. The evacuation system has to

resist temperatures of at least 1500°F.

• Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.


For more information please visit our site

New Buses | ABC-Companies On-Demand Webcasts Grab-n-Go

9 10 2011

For New Buses or Used Buses, ABC’s Grab-n-Go webinar series is quick, easy and informative.

This month is a lesson in wheel mounting.  What is great about the Grab-n-Go webcasts is that they are on-demand, short and to the point.  Who has time to listen to a long drawn out webcast?


Here is a quick reminder of ‘Wheel Nut Torque Sequence’ New Buses Used Buses



Fit wheel nuts and tighten them according to sequence given in the figure. Tighten wheel nuts evenly by alternately turning each nut progressively further ,

until specified torque is reached at 430 to 450 Ft/lbs.


NOTE: When a wheel has been removed, retighten wheel nuts with a torque wrench after 25 miles and again after the next 50 miles. Subsequently, check torque daily until nuts are finally tight.

Wheel nut slackening is explained by the fact that the fasteners have seated, so that part of the original torque is lost.

for more information on ABC Companies Grab-n-Go Webcasts go here.

Grab up-to-the-minute technical information and training, industry updates and more in the time it takes for a quick coffee break!

ABC’s ALL NEW 15-MINUTE ON-DEMAND WEBCASTS are organized to deliver industry trends, technical tools, and online learning – FAST & FREE – to your staff and business.

New Buses | ABC Companies Sustainability Initiatives

23 09 2011

ABC Companies | Corporate ABC New BusesOperations/Service Facilities, Our core Impact Areas & On-Going Initiatives:

ABC Companies values social responsibility and as such, we are committed to implementing a variety
of environmental initiatives targeted at core business divisions within the organization.

As we continue to shape our sustainability strategy, ABC Companies will continue to identify and
pursue opportunities that reduce waste and emissions, decrease consumption, and recycle materials while increasing efficiency and implementing changes that can have meaningful impact on the environment, society and the economics of our business.

• Recycle rags

• Extended life oils

• Extended interval  filters

• Detailed recycle programs, with significant reduction in landfill waste

• Upgraded efficient lighting systems, including timing and motion sensors

• Converted to energy efficient “scroll type” air compressors

• Installed and maintain drainage swales to control water run-off

• Contracted an independent environmental auditing system for quarterly audits.

• Employee training programs geared towards environmental policies and practices

• ABC Coach Refurbishment Program

Adds years of useful life to existing in-service equipment and older model equipment

ABC Companies offers customers 2 options to upgrade their fleets via:

• 45-point fleet upgrade options menu (to customer’s equipment)

ABC’s exclusive refurbished equipment inventory

• Full Refurbishment facility in Nappanee, IN

  • Greyhound Fleet Refurbishment Program – 250 motorcoaches
  • Modernized with new features – WIFI, 110V outlets, LED lighting, Wheelchair lifts, etc.
  • Job creation – 120 New jobs for area residents

Come see what ABC can do for you and our environment

New Buses | Check Out Our Webcasts

7 09 2011

New Buses, Used Buses Grab N Go Webcasts;  Education New Buses from ABC

Grab up-to-the-minute technical information and training, industry updates and more in the time it takes for a quick coffee break!

ABC’s ALL NEW 15-MINUTE ON-DEMAND WEBCASTS are organized to deliver industry trends, technical tools, and online learning – FAST & FREE – to your staff and business.

DEF System Review  focus on Van Hool equipped buses

C2045 Driver’s Glass Replacement

Air System Layout of Van Hool Coaches

Here are just several of the many educational tools from ABC Companies.

You can find the others on our exclusive Grab’n Go page

Want more information from ABC companies?  Here is our tech tip page




Van Hool T2100 Touring Coaches | New Buses

31 08 2011

High style and high-tech define the luxury transport experience your passengers won’t soon forget aboard Van Hool’s T2100 Series. New Buses from ABC Companies

Loaded with proven components, luxury amenities and advanced features, our most prestigious touring coach now offers a host of exciting options that draw rave reviews from operators throughout North America.

Like end-to-end glass top roofs, wood-grain vinyl flooring, blue LED accent lighting and reclining Van Hool Bodyline seats with leather headrest and 3-point seat belts.  Check out all the new features that add the next level of sophistication and
superior curb appeal to the Van Hool T2100 series.

Designed for comfort and performance, the quality engineered T2100 series luxury touring coach offers:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Interchangeability of major replacement parts
  • Electronic stability control Hella DynaView headlight system
  • AutoView Lane departure warning system
  • Smartire Smartwave tire pressure monitoring system
  • Kidde fire detection and suppression system

Every day, the ABC team is committed to helping operators “See the Difference” our equipment, support services and highly-trained and specialized staff can make for many aspects of your business.