New Buses | ABC-Companies On-Demand Webcasts Grab-n-Go

9 10 2011

For New Buses or Used Buses, ABC’s Grab-n-Go webinar series is quick, easy and informative.

This month is a lesson in wheel mounting.  What is great about the Grab-n-Go webcasts is that they are on-demand, short and to the point.  Who has time to listen to a long drawn out webcast?


Here is a quick reminder of ‘Wheel Nut Torque Sequence’ New Buses Used Buses



Fit wheel nuts and tighten them according to sequence given in the figure. Tighten wheel nuts evenly by alternately turning each nut progressively further ,

until specified torque is reached at 430 to 450 Ft/lbs.


NOTE: When a wheel has been removed, retighten wheel nuts with a torque wrench after 25 miles and again after the next 50 miles. Subsequently, check torque daily until nuts are finally tight.

Wheel nut slackening is explained by the fact that the fasteners have seated, so that part of the original torque is lost.

for more information on ABC Companies Grab-n-Go Webcasts go here.

Grab up-to-the-minute technical information and training, industry updates and more in the time it takes for a quick coffee break!

ABC’s ALL NEW 15-MINUTE ON-DEMAND WEBCASTS are organized to deliver industry trends, technical tools, and online learning – FAST & FREE – to your staff and business.




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