New Buses | ABC Companies Sustainability Initiatives

23 09 2011

ABC Companies | Corporate ABC New BusesOperations/Service Facilities, Our core Impact Areas & On-Going Initiatives:

ABC Companies values social responsibility and as such, we are committed to implementing a variety
of environmental initiatives targeted at core business divisions within the organization.

As we continue to shape our sustainability strategy, ABC Companies will continue to identify and
pursue opportunities that reduce waste and emissions, decrease consumption, and recycle materials while increasing efficiency and implementing changes that can have meaningful impact on the environment, society and the economics of our business.

• Recycle rags

• Extended life oils

• Extended interval  filters

• Detailed recycle programs, with significant reduction in landfill waste

• Upgraded efficient lighting systems, including timing and motion sensors

• Converted to energy efficient “scroll type” air compressors

• Installed and maintain drainage swales to control water run-off

• Contracted an independent environmental auditing system for quarterly audits.

• Employee training programs geared towards environmental policies and practices

• ABC Coach Refurbishment Program

Adds years of useful life to existing in-service equipment and older model equipment

ABC Companies offers customers 2 options to upgrade their fleets via:

• 45-point fleet upgrade options menu (to customer’s equipment)

ABC’s exclusive refurbished equipment inventory

• Full Refurbishment facility in Nappanee, IN

  • Greyhound Fleet Refurbishment Program – 250 motorcoaches
  • Modernized with new features – WIFI, 110V outlets, LED lighting, Wheelchair lifts, etc.
  • Job creation – 120 New jobs for area residents

Come see what ABC can do for you and our environment




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