New Buses | Used Buses – World Class Collision Repair

12 07 2011

ABC-Companies:  World Class Collision Repair Operation.  ABC Companies Collision Repair

As a national leader in collision repair and refurbishment services to the motorcoach, transit and RV industry, ABC offers five locations nationwide with over 75,000 square feet dedicated to collision-related services. Our seasoned team of service managers, collision & repair technicians, and customer service professionals offer you unparalleled hands-on experience in a wide range of professional repair services including:

  •  Bus major Collision Repair
  • Bus paint, Custom Graphics & Body Services
  • Bus wheelchair Lift Installation
  • Bus coach and Transit Refurbishment
  • Bus & RV Service & Repairs
  • Bus campaign & Retrofitting
  • Bus towing and Specialty Transportation Arrangements

When you need help coping with major collision damage, a fender bender or minor dings and body work, we’ll support you with urgency and quality vehicle repair services, designed to meet exacting equipment specifications.


Thousands of satisfied customers rely on ABC for major and minor collision-related services:


  • Bus towing and lowboy service
  • Bus frame straightening, rebuild and fabrication
  • Bus mechanical and suspension services such as:
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Axle and wheel alignment
  • Computerized alignment
  • Bus paint, custom graphics and body services
  • Bus glass and panel replacement
  • Bus fire restoration
  • ABC’s Annual Collision Workshop – Designed for Industry Pros.


Industry professionals nationwide take advantage of our annual interactive forum for expanding their knowledge about collision and insurance-related issues with content designed especially for:


  • Bus safety officers
  • Bus insurance executives
  • Bus transit managers
  • Bus heavy equipment specialists and more



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