New Buses | Used Buses 5 reasons for newer engine technology

16 06 2011

Everyone involved in this industry knows a thing or two about efficiency, theNew Buses ABC Companies differences in 1994 tech and today’s tech may surprise you.

Our Smart DD13 series, fuel efficient design make sense…. dollars and cents.

  • Get up to 5% better fuel economy (compared to EPA 2007 series 60)
  • Pulls strong down to 1100 rpm, so driver spend more time in top gear.
  • Amplified common rail system (ACRS) optimizes each injection event to minimize fuel consumption.
  • Advanced cooling system allows for decreased fan on-time, minimizing fuel consumption.
  • SCR virtually eliminates excessive , fuel consuming regenerations

All of this brings with it smart money with a higher return on investment, the discussion for a newer more efficient Detroit Diesel is a personal choice based on business objectives. 

What are the current ‘Pain’ points of your people movers? 

The last thing that anyone wants to hear is ‘My bus broke down’.  With moving people as a method of business operations,

Quality, Product Reliability, and Service do matter. 

The focus for the future will be on efficiency, every component of a new bus will add or subtract to overall efficiency, the best to know is that you have a product and service that keep moving forward. 

The Detroit Diesel is the work of the worlds top engineers, millions of miles of testing / refining in the real world.  It’s proven reliability when it really counts.




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