New Buses | Used Buses – Real People, Smart Business

8 06 2011

The Bus industry is evolving, new buses  or used buses New Buses

– just like every other business.  What people still need and want; A good experience from the products / service they purchase. 


I had the opportunity to tour the operations of ABC companies in Minnesota first hand this month.    Having been in a few other businesses where they build / repair / work on equipment that is a ‘must have’ for business operations, I get it.  What struck me as most important was one common thread.


People who actually liked doing what they were doing.


Sure, I heard the ‘bits’ fro m management, read much of the brochures on the What, where, when, why’s of the business.  All of this is very important in grabbing a mega heavy people mover that really does add to your businesses bottom line every day.


Remember it is metal, glass, fabric, fluids, electronics, and pieces of ‘I have no idea what that is’ that make up these people movers.  It is imperative that they work together to be greater than just the sum of the parts. 


For some it will be the reliable warranty coverage, others it is finding out that the guys working on your coach are putting quality into their work, or the financial specialist who knows the ins and outs of the system and how to get you real answers and advice on making every dollar work for your business, the people are what matters.


I am proud to write for ABC Companies, the company as a whole is made up of good people.


And, yes I have personally driven / towed many miles with some interesting experiences with good and not so good equipment.  And my current trailer is only 44 feet long, but you get the idea.   Nobody likes to be on the side of the road.  ABC’s 360 support is there for you.




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