New Buses | Used Buses for sale | What Makes Us Different

23 05 2011

New Buses, Used Buses, so What is it that New Buses ABC Companiessets ABC Companies apart from the rest?

Good solid products, great service, and loyal employees / customers. 

•        Our strategic partnership with Van Hool Manufacturing allows us to offer the newest luxury buses for sale through our company.

         Van Hool manufactures the most popular European coach designed buses for sale in the United States and Canada.

         ABC Companies is proud to carry Van Hool buses because they represent the luxury, performance and lasting value that we believe in conveying to our customers.

•        Thor Industries is another dedicated partner of ABC Companies. The two came together to design and develop a customized midsize buses

         This line brings the desirable features of high-end, large buses to the midsize style, without sacrificing the economics and ergonomics that larger buses have.

•        ABC Companies has responded with thinking beyond the realm of tradition

         Cutting edge technology that shapes the future more and more every day.

         Hybrid fuel cells and low floor designs are just two of the many innovations.

•        More than offering just the standard line of buses, ABC Companies goes above and beyond.

         Specialty vehicle portion of the company is a testament to our desire to fulfill customer expectations.  Double deck buses from ABC Companies satisfy a niche that goes beyond the standard in buses for sale from companies around America.

•        The largest inventory of pre-owned buses for sale in the nation. We have something to offer individuals, companies, and groups for:

         Outings, tours, motorhomes, and more. Nearly every make and model can be found in ABC Companies’ huge supply of pre-owned buses for sale.




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