Buying A Used Bus | ABC Companies buy bus list: A good start

17 05 2011

Buying a Used Bus can be a positive experience for the knowledgeable buyer.  Buying for commercial reasons solid Buy Used Businformation / knowledge leads to good business decisions


Service records:  Every bus should have them, if they cannot be presented, there is a reason.

  • Rust:  This guy never sleeps, minor surface rust can be dealt with, however, structural is not or should not be an option.  Rust has the ability to be an eyesore or irritant, yet that is only the beginning, because it will get worse and cost more.
  • Leaks:  Yes, leaks.  They happen, and lead to expensive repairs maybe not now, but eventually.  Some of the Allison transmissions have front seals that ‘just leak, especially when hot’. 
  • Financing:  Run the numbers with several ‘finance’ professionals.  Having multiple ‘sources’ keeps the numbers honest, and they should fit into your budget (but, you knew that).
  • Transmissions:  Allison makes the best transmissions out there, opinion, yes.  If it leaks, stay away.
  • Engines:  The last, yet one of the most important, get the biggest engine you can afford.  Often overlooked because of other positives, but buying an underpowered bus leads to underpowered expectations.


How much does an engine swap cost? 

New tires, alignment?

New / Rebuilt transmission?

New Brake rotors, drums, calipers, pads, linings?

Knowledge is power, ABC-Companies prides itself on being top notch on Buses; New or Used.  Let us help.




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