New buses | Used buses for sale, what makes a great provider of products / services stand out in buses?

21 04 2011

New Buses for sale | Used buses for saleIt’s the people.  People like to deal with people they like, trust, and bring value whether its online or in person.  Here are four reasons knowledgable people matter.

  1.  Industry participation
  2. Information Sharing
  3. Customer knowledge
  4. Ongoing training

 The people at companies all have one goal in mind, and that is to bring value to their customers.  In order to bring that value, there must be something in it for you, the internet visitor:

 Here is a list of valued added articles:

 2011 Articles

3/22/11 Kobussen Trailways Purchases Third M1235 from ABC View Article
1/21/11 ABC Launches Coach Refurbishment Program at UMA View Article
1/21/11 New ABC Parts Management Team Focused on Growth View Article
1/21/11 C2045 New Look Introduced at UMA View Article
1/21/11 ABC Launches New On-demand Webcast Series View Article
1/16/11 Ryan McElvaney, ABC NE region Parts Territory Sales Manager View Article
1/16/11 Norton appointed Director of Sales for ABC Parts, Muncie, Baker View Article

 Everyone has had experience with the internet, it is the goal for them to be positive. 

From high-performance OEM and pre-owned equipment sales for touring, charter and line hauls, to heavy duty transit buses, midsize and shuttle transport vehicles and more – ABC gives you exclusive access to world-renown Van Hool technology and is a leader in pre-owned equipment sales in the country.




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