New Buses | Used Buses 2011 Calendar Specials

5 04 2011

New Buses For Sale2011 Calendar Specials:

It’s April, don’t forget:

  • Hella’s 10% discount on all LED Lights.  Take advantage of the benefits of LED lighting.  Upgrade your lights to the more efficient, durable and longer life of LED lights.


  • ABC Service -10% Discount on Headlight Upgrade Kit & Installation (C or T Model Van Hool Coach only)

Grab up-to-the-minute technical information and training, industry updates and more in the time it takes for a quick coffee break!


Color codes, caution statements, wire size, diagram codes, and troubleshooting tips

Claims filing process and parts ordering under warranty

From high-performance OEM and pre-owned equipment sales for touring, charter and line hauls, to heavy duty transit buses, midsize and shuttle transport vehicles and more – ABC gives you exclusive access to world-renown Van Hool technology and is a leader in pre-owned equipment sales in the country.




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